Join us at ahhYaY Wellness Cafe for a workshop on how to “Eat Your Way to a Happier Day” with delicious and healthy natural mood-boosting foods!

Neuronutritionist and Brain Coach Kelly Aiello at understands which foods can improve mood, reduce anxiety, increase brain energy, combat brain fog, and optimize brain function. At this workshop you’ll discover which foods to include in your diet to improve your mood, help you feel better, and increase mental energy, along with the foods you should avoid that zap your mental energy and prevent you from feeling your best.

Join us for this life-changing workshop. The cost is $49, and includes a workbook with delicious brain-healthy recipes, food guides, and other valuable take-aways. You’ll also get to sample some of the delicious foods highlighted throughout the workshop, lovingly prepared by ahhYaY Wellness Cafe, to see just how good eating well for your brain can taste.

Space is limited! So reserve your spot at ahhYaY Cafe today, either in person at #101-311 Columbia Street or by calling 250-377-0199.

We hope to see you there!