It's our honour to support your health, your area of brilliance, your best work, your unique contribution, and your pursuit of excellence with premium nutrition.

It took us fourteen years to do the research and bring the idea of a Wellness Café to life. Why so long? Nothing like this existed in the world! We are paving our own path, and innovating in how we make deep beautiful nourishment highly convenient for our customers.

Our goal is to give you a moment to replenish, and exhale a deep ahh... (Peace), followed by a high-level YaY! (Joy) as you experience rejuvenation in your busy day.

What we've learned: Our customers are the type of people who want the best fuel for every cell in their body. They truly need to be on their "A-game" and value whole Brain + Body nourishment. They don't have the time for things like neuro-fatigue, or to prepare the standard of quality food that they know is necessary to operate at the level required of them daily. They understand the value of intentionally designed nutrition + premium ingredients. They respect their body + mind as powerful tools. Many people are depending on them. They are busy, often eating on the run.

That's why our intention for everything created in our kitchen is that it's a source of ahh (nourishment, rejuvenation, peace) and YaY (joy, celebration, appreciation) for your spirit and your cells, arming you with a strong foundation so you can tap into your profound energy and be your absolute best.

Our kitchen is a test kitchen. We are constantly trying new things. We strive to give you a unique experience. Our goal is that your spirit and your cells feel spoiled in the best way possible.

We make everything from scratch, including our dressings, so we know there are no hidden sugars or bad oils. 

Our menu is constantly changing, according to seasonal, local and organic availability. We are very thankful to our local suppliers for sharing their bounty with us!

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Super Fresh. Super Delish!  We are devoted to creating delicious flavours that surprise and delight your tastebuds while holding true to a higher purpose, supporting your high standards when you're busy and on the go so you feel ahh-Mazing.

Everything at ahhYaY is created to deeply nourish your cells. Yes. Every. Single. Menu. Item!

Our specialty is understanding flavour-balance; salt, acid, umami & heat while designing dishes that are purposeful in fuelling your body + mind with delicious, premium transformational nutrients so you can feel clear + vibrant, avoid neuro-fatigue + bring your "A-Game" to everything you do.  

That's the uniqueness of ahhYaY. We apply the latest information on mind + body nutrition, along with flavours that make you come alive. Getting the best nutrition in your day feels a lot like getting spoiled in the very best way.

Why do we do it? Because we understand that you have so much riding on your shoulders, you deserve a little flavourful rejuvenation. The ripple effect of your full cup is pretty special.

When we feel our best, we can give our best. That's the benefit of a Nourished Soul.

We understand not everyone values the same things. That's why we are happy that those who have been seeking exactly what we offer have found us. We are the very first of our kind! Over this year you have helped us understand the ripple effect of ahhYaY and just how valuable filling this need actually is. We believe what we are doing is meaningful. Because what You do is important to this world. And helping our customers be their best feels important to us.  We want to give you the best. Thank you for having such high standards. We pledge to continuously innovate, and rise to meet you up there.

With Gratitude,
Natalie & Zach - and the ahhYaY team!