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Thank you Kamloops for voting us The Best Healthy Meal, The Best Catering Company, and The Best for Vegetarian Options in the City in 2020!

What if a Nutritionist lived in your Kitchen?

Now Imagine the Comfort and Peace of Mind of a Nutritionist plus the Convenience and Deeply Pleasing Flavour-Richness of a Restaurant.

That's what we do!

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Super Fresh. Super Delish!  ahhYaY is one of only a handful of restaurants of its kind in the world. We are devoted to creating delicious flavours that surprise and delight your tastebuds while holding true to a higher purpose, supporting your high standards when you're busy and on the go so you feel ahh-Mazing.

Everything at ahhYaY is created to deeply nourish your cells. Yes. Every. Single. Menu. Item!

Our specialty is understanding flavour-balance; salt, acid, umami & heat while designing dishes that are purposeful in fuelling your body + mind with delicious, premium transformational nutrients so you can feel clear + vibrant, avoid neuro-fatigue + bring your "A-Game" to everything you do.  

That's the uniqueness of ahhYaY. We apply the latest information on mind + body nutrition, along with flavours that make you come alive. Getting the best nutrition in your day feels a lot like getting spoiled in the very best way.

Why do we do it? Because we understand that you have so much riding on your shoulders, you deserve a little flavourful rejuvenation. The ripple effect of your full cup is pretty special.

When we feel our best, we can give our best. That's the benefit of a Nourished Soul.

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Treats

Dine-In or Take-Out

Deep Nourishment for Busy Life

We get it! The reason our customers value taking a moment to replenish with the best nutrition in their busy day is actually because they care about giving their best to others. We see you. And we think you're ahh-MAZING!

What we're working on to support You and all You Do:

Inflammation Remedies, Energy Boosts, Digestion Ease, Gut Health, Food Allergies & Sensitivities, Metabolism Reset, Blood Sugar Reset, Lectin + Nightshade Free, Raw, Weight Loss, Neuro-Fatigue, Mental Clarity, Mood Boosting, Deep Hydration, Hormone-Balancing, Superfoods, Immune Support, Clean Keto, Paleo + Vegan options, grain - gluten friendly and so much more!

Highly-Conscious Nourishment is now Highly-Convenient.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Treats

Deep Nourishment for Busy Life

Dine-In or Take-Out 

Street Level below Royal Inland Hospital